Beth Antonas | Property Manager

Bethel Fannon | Receptionist

Real Estate is 'Forever New' and we guarantee service with a smile.

Bethel Fannon

Dane McKnight | Sales & Marketing

"This industry allows me the opportunity to build relationships and help the friends I make find a free and fulfilled lifestyle."

Eliza Gee | Sales Representative

I get most satisfaction from seeing my hard work come to fruition and clients walking away happy.

Erika Maylam | New Investment Manager

a person's name is their brand; honesty, empathy and trust needs to flow both ways when working with a client, and no amount of personal gain is worth tarnishing that.

Glen O’Brien | Principal

It’s that call you make.
Often late at night.
The call right at the end of putting a tough deal together and letting everyone know that we finally have a deal.
You can sense the emotion in their voice on the end of the phone.
That’s the reward for me.
That’s what has kept me doing this for over 20 years….. I love it.

Glen O'Brien

Hayley Della Bosca | Property Manager

Jeanette Gilchrist | Sales Representative

Jeanette Gilchrist

Joshua Lewis | Commercial Assistant

Kimberlee Abonnel | Financial Controller

I pride myself in looking after your biggest asset as if it were my own… with a “can do” attitude.

Kimberlee Abonnel

Lisa de Mamiel | Commerical Leasing & Management

I feel fortunate to be participating in a role which provides the challenges and opportunities to put my passion for both property and people into practice.

Lisa De Mamiel

Lorraine Bratt | Property Manager

After 18 years of service in and to the industry, “If I can't do it, well no one can".

Lorraine Bratt

Lucina Jones | Property Management Team

Michelle Burns | Operations Manager

Paul Chapman | Sales Representative

Seeing that look of satisfaction from a seller knowing they have sold their property for a great price is something that drives me to succeed.

Selyna Tee | Property Manager

I take pride in offering a consistently high level of service to all clients.

Selyna Tee

Simon Withers | Property Management Team Leader

I love the industry I work in, the people, the variety. Every day is a different challenge.

Simon Withers

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